Thursday, December 19, 2019

December 19th

Market Day: Market Day was a huge success!  We had so much fun!  Our class produced some amazing goods, and our third grade customers were very impressed. Our commercials that we created using Seesaw helped to persuade our customers to purchase our products. Everyone earned a good income, and we used our math skills to determine how much money we earned as a class.

A special gift...
You cannot see what we made in the picture below, but I hope that you like the small gift that your child made for you. :)

Friday, December 13, 2019

December 13th

Reading: This week we worked on sequencing key events in stories.  We read several great books, and we used time order words to help us to retell what happened.  We had such great stamina this week that we got to enjoy Flashlight Friday!

Writing: This week we wrote two opinion pieces.   Our first writing piece was about our opinions about Winter.  The second writing piece went along with our social studies market day project.  We wrote a persuasive piece to convince others why they should purchase the products we made. 

Social Studies:  Market Day preparation is in full swing! Each of the classroom businesses have been hard at work.  They created names for their businesses, prototypes, and finally products.  On Wednesday, we will open our stores to the a third grade class.  The third graders will get to shop at our stores, and it should be a lot of fun!

Math: Three digit addition is the topic of our current math chapter.  We began this chapter with reviewing how to add hundreds mentally, and then we will begin practicing how to add these larger numbers with regrouping.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

December 8th

Reading & Writing:
We continued our study of opinion writing by writing about which pet we think would make the best pet.  Each student selected an animal, and then they wrote about three main reasons why it would make the best pet.  They also included examples to go along with their reasons.  We read several great books to go along with this writing project including: Can I Be Your Dog?, I Wanna Iguana, and Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet. While reading those books we worked on identifying the main idea and key details.  

Here are a few of our finished projects, and good news... the students did such a good job on their writing that I decided we should adopt a pet! Our new adopted class pet will not live in our classroom. Instead we will learn about it through emails, videos, and other correspondence. Ask your child about what type of animal we adopted.  :)

Social Studies:
As we further our understanding of economics, we reviewed several vocabulary terms, such as, producer, consumer, income, goods, and services.  This week we also learned about how goods travel from the field to a market, and we practiced purchasing items while staying within a budget. 

We will be taking a test over 2-digit subtraction with regrouping on Wednesday.  Everyone has worked hard on this chapter, and to celebrate and review what we have learned our class enjoyed playing GimKit.  I love the enthusiasm that I see as the students are practicing their math skills.  A study guide for our upcoming test will go home on Monday.

Friday, November 22, 2019

November 22nd

Reading: Locating Text Evidence to Support Our Thinking
This week we practiced locating text evidence to support our thinking. We practiced this skill by reading a nonfiction article about snow leopards.  We also applied this strategy while working in our guided reading groups.  Our class has become a wonderful group of readers, and I love that so many of the students have found different book series to explore.  Let's keep reading!

Writing: Opinion Writing
We have been busy writing our opinions about a second book that we have enjoyed.  The students have been working on stating their opinion, and also providing examples from the book to support their opinions.  Everyone is doing a great job!

Math: Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping
This week we reviewed how to add 2-digit numbers with regrouping by playing a very engaging game on Gimkit.  The students played against one another, and they truly had so much fun while they were reviewing some key concepts.  Later in the week we began learning how to subtract 2-digit numbers.  This can be a very challenging chapter for some second graders, so please consider using the homework sheets if you feel like your child would benefit from some extra practice at home. 

Science: Enviroscape
This week we continued our learning about how land changes.  We also learned about how items that are on our land can affect our water.  During our enviroscape lesson, the learned about different things that can become pollutants in our water sheds like: littering, pesticides, fertilizers, salt, oil, and more.  We sprinkled the pretend pollutants on the town, and then we observed what happened when it rained.  Check out Seesaw to learn more about this project from our videos.

Classroom Celebration:  Fort Day
I'm very proud of our class for filling our warm fuzzy jar once again. Our class LOVED having a fort day celebration!  They showed great collaboration and cooperation as they designed and created their forts.  

Friday, November 15, 2019

November 15th

We are continuing our study of nonfiction text features.  We have been clarifying tricky words and asking questions.  We have also been taking a closer look at the text to find key details to support our thinking.

I just had to include this picture!  The children were so excited when it began snowing!

Writing: Friendly Letters & Opinion Writing
We wrote a letter to convince others to read one of our favorite books.  Our letters included an introduction, our opinion, at least two reasons to support our opinion, and a conclusion.  We ended the week with writing a friendly letter to someone that we are thankful for.

Math: Two Digit Addition with Regrouping
We have come to the end of our math chapter about two digit addition.  A study guide went home on Thursday, and we will be taking our next math test on Monday. 

Science:  Erosion
This week we continued to study land changes, and we focused on learning about landslides.  After learning about what a landslide is, we focused on the question of: How can we help to prevent erosion that is caused by a landslide?  We used models made from a cornmeal mix and then we created a rain storm to see if our designs would keep the land from washing away.

Veterans Day Assembly
A special thank you to all veterans! Below you will find a few pictures from our Veterans Day assembly.  We learned a lot, and we were very thankful to spend our morning honoring so many heroes.