Friday, September 27, 2019

September 27th

Science: This week the students were busy little scientists! They added clay to their prehistoric animal skeletons to make them look like a more realistic model.  They also designed and constructed a new tool that a paleontologist could use.  Once their prototype was finished they tested them out to see how well they would work.  Check out the pictures below!

Reading: This week we read several great books including: Shortcut, A Color of His Own, and What Ruby Shared. The main skills that we worked on were using strategies to solve tricky words, and we also practiced making predictions.

Writing: Our personal narratives are coming along nicely.  This week we focused on making our stories longer and stronger by adding more details.  We also reviewed strategies for writing a strong conclusion.

Math: Throughout chapter 2 we are learning about the following topics:
- even and odd numbers
- number patterns
- repeated addition
- arrays

Saturday, September 21, 2019

September 21st

Science: Our dinosaur skeletons are now complete! The students demonstrated their use of critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity, and communication as they figured out how to assemble their models.  Throughout the building process we learned about how scientists study and compare bones.  We even watched a short video clip about how the discovery of a fossil transforms into a model for others to view in a museum.

Reading: This week we learned all about scooping up words, making connections, and how to use sticky notes to mark our thinking spots while we read.  We will continue to practice all of those skills as we move into next week.  

Novel Engineering: Our class participated in International Dot Day.  After listening to the The Dot, the students collaborated, and used their critical thinking skills to determine how they could create a create a 3 dimensional structure out of sticker dots and index cards.  Their structures were very creative!

Writing: This week in writing we began our second personal narrative.  These personal narratives are all centered around a theme of a discovery.  Some students are writing about a time when they found something while others are writing about a time when they discovered how to do something new.  These stories are all off to a good start, and they go right along with our science lessons since we are learning about how paleontologists make interesting discoveries.

Math: We are now finished with chapter one.  Our entire class did a great job on their chapter 1 math tests.  We know all about related facts, fact families, missing addends, and solving two step addition and subtraction problems. 

Classroom Celebration: Here are a few pictures from our technology/toy classroom celebration.  

Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 15th

Check out these paleontologists!  We are continuing to learn all about how scientists use tools and make models. Now that the bones have been found we have sketched our ideas about what the dinosaur(s) may have looked like.  The next step will be to try and assemble the dinosaur models.  I can't wait to see how that goes!

We are approaching the end of chapter 1.  Throughout this chapter we have reviewed strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems.  Later this week a review sheet will be going home with the upcoming test date on it. 

This week we read several read alouds including Katie Woo Has the Flu and Bootsie Barker Bites.  We learned about different strategies that good readers do in order to get stronger as readers.  One particular strategy was Read, Stop, Think, and Retell. 

I'm so very proud of our all of my room 9 writers!  They are all very busy writing their first personal narrative, and they are off to a great start.  We have learned how to write an introduction, a beginning, and a middle.  Up next, we will learn how to write a strong conclusion.