Thursday, October 24, 2019

October 24th

Writing & Social Studies: Our writing celebration was a huge success!  Our class was so excited to share our personal narratives with some of our friends from the other second grade classes.  Each student read his or her story and then explained their model and map which represented the setting of their story.  It was a lot of fun!

Math: Place value is the topic of our current chapter.  The most recent topics we have learned about involve number patterns with numbers in the hundreds and comparing numbers.  This chapter will come to an end in the later part of next week, so keep an eye out for a review sheet.  :)

Reading: This week we focused on visualizing, and we also practiced some of our nonfiction reading strategies while we explored a Scholastic News Magazine.  The magazine article was about the importance of being kind, and that fit in perfectly with our Unity Day celebration.

Unity Day Fun: Check out some of our fun activities that we did on Unity Day.
We built "Canstruction" creations out of the donated canned food items.

We heard the story Kindness is Cooler with Mrs. Ruler, and then we wrote notes of kindness for our friends and/or family members.

We also spent some time working on coloring kindness posters.

Powell Hall:
We enjoyed our opportunity to hear Peter and the Wolf at Powell Hall!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 17th

Social Studies & Writing: Project Based Learning
This week our class finished up our social studies and writing projects.  The personal narratives are published, and many of the students shared them on their Seesaw accounts.  The models that were made from recyclables represent the setting of their story, and their maps are all complete, as well.  Each map represents the setting, and includes: a title, map key, and a compass rose.  Those projects were also shared and explained on Seesaw, too.  This was a fun activity that incorporated many of our standards, and the students sure had a lot of fun!

Math: Place Value
This chapter covers quite a bit of information, and so far we have learned about different ways to represent numbers.  Here are a few examples:
- 100 = 1 hundred, 10 tens, or 100 ones
- Expanded form: 237 = 200 + 30 + 7
- 742= 7 hundreds, 4 tens, and 2 ones

Reading: Visualizing
This week in addition to reviewing story elements we worked on visualizing.  We know that good readers visualize the story in their heads as they read.  A few of the good read alouds that we enjoyed this week were: How I Became a Pirate, A Bad Case of the Stripes, and Jabari Jumps.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

October 10th

Social Studies: Maps
We have learned about about the purpose of different maps including: physical maps, political maps, and globes.  Now we are working on our project based learning activity.  Each student is creating a model to go along with their personal narrative.  The model must be made from recycled materials.  Next, the students will create a map complete with a title and map key to go with their model.  Our class is having a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing their finished projects. 

Writing: Personal Narratives
As I mentioned in the social studies portion of this newsletter, each student is working on a personal narrative that goes along with their social studies maps project.  This narrative is all about a time when they visited a special place.

Reading: Story Elements
In addition to the lessons that we have been reviewing about decoding tricky words, we have been working on identifying story elements.  Specifically we have talked about the characters, setting, problem and solution.

Math: Place Value
We wrapped up our chapter that was about even and odd numbers and number patterns.  Now we are beginning a chapter that is all about place value for numbers up to 1,000.  So far we have learned that 100 ones = 10 tens = 1 hundred.  This chapter is a fun challenge for many second graders.  You may find that the homework sheets might be a good way to review what we are learning in class. 

Stop Motion Fun
This week we took a trip to the library to learn about how to create a stop motion video.

The Magic House: Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that attended this field trip!