Friday, October 4, 2019

October 4th

Social Studies: Maps
We have had a fun filled week of learning!  We began the week with a treasure hunt, and this led to our discussion of how helpful maps can be.  Our class created a map of our classroom, and then they collaborated and communicated to find the hidden treasure.  This week we also learned about using a compass rose, and we played a game with a partner to review how to use a compass rose.  

In addition to our classroom social studies lessons, we had a special guest speaker come and teach our second graders all about map making.  Our guest speaker works for the National Geospacial-Intelligence Agency.

Writing: Personal Narratives & Job Applications
Our class learned about the different jobs that are available to them at the Magic House field trip.  Then each student "applied" for some of their favorite positions.  Good news... everyone got either their first or second choice. :)  In addition to writing about our desired jobs, we also worked on our personal narratives.  These narratives are centered around a time when we felt excited about something.

 Math: Chapter 2
Repeated addition, number patterns, and arrays were all topics that we covered this week.  Below you can find a few pictures from a project that we made to demonstrate our understanding of arrays. 

Reading: Questioning
This week we continued to review strategies for solving tricky words, and we learned all about the importance of asking questions while reading.

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