Friday, November 15, 2019

November 15th

We are continuing our study of nonfiction text features.  We have been clarifying tricky words and asking questions.  We have also been taking a closer look at the text to find key details to support our thinking.

I just had to include this picture!  The children were so excited when it began snowing!

Writing: Friendly Letters & Opinion Writing
We wrote a letter to convince others to read one of our favorite books.  Our letters included an introduction, our opinion, at least two reasons to support our opinion, and a conclusion.  We ended the week with writing a friendly letter to someone that we are thankful for.

Math: Two Digit Addition with Regrouping
We have come to the end of our math chapter about two digit addition.  A study guide went home on Thursday, and we will be taking our next math test on Monday. 

Science:  Erosion
This week we continued to study land changes, and we focused on learning about landslides.  After learning about what a landslide is, we focused on the question of: How can we help to prevent erosion that is caused by a landslide?  We used models made from a cornmeal mix and then we created a rain storm to see if our designs would keep the land from washing away.

Veterans Day Assembly
A special thank you to all veterans! Below you will find a few pictures from our Veterans Day assembly.  We learned a lot, and we were very thankful to spend our morning honoring so many heroes.

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