Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 3rd

Halloween Party: Thank you so much to everyone that helped out with our Halloween party!  The students had a wonderful time, and we are very appreciative of all of the games, crafts, and hard work that went into planning this special event.

Reading & Science: Novel Engineering
This week we read several fun holiday themed books.  After reading Room on the Broom, our class completed a novel engineering project.  We determined that the problem in the story was that the broom was not strong enough to support the weight of all of its passengers.  Therefore, our goal was to create a "broom" that could hold the greatest amount of weight. Each pair of students were given straws, a ruler, and tape to create their structure.  It had to sit at least two inches off of the ground, and it had to hold candy pumpkins.  This was a fun challenge, and I really enjoyed seeing of the students' different ideas come together.

Writing: We focused on descriptive writing, and we used our scarecrow artwork to create a fun writing sample.  Each student took a picture of his or her artwork, and then using Seesaw they added adjectives to describe it.  The Seesaw posts were then used as a graphic organizer as the students created their descriptive paragraphs. They turned out great!

Math: Place Value Hospital was a fun way to review and wrap up chapter 5!  Our class became doctors for the day, and they helped with identifying mixed up x-rays, matching the correct patient numbers to the correct "symptoms," and sorting medicine cards by comparing numbers. The students even performed "surgery." :) They used their scissors to turn expanded form numbers into standard form numbers.   

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