Friday, November 8, 2019

November 8th

Science: We have been busy learning all about land changes.  This week we completed two science experiments.  During the first experiment we figured out the answer to: Why is there sand at the beach?  Our second experiment focused around the idea of how powerful water can be.  We made "mountains," and then we created "rainstorms" to observe how a canyon could be formed.


Activity: Why is there sand at the beach?

Math: Place Value
We are currently learning how to solve two-digit addition problems with regrouping.  We began the week with using base-ten blocks, and now many students are completing the problems without them.  If your child would like more practice with this skill, the math homework pages can serve as a good review of what we are working on in class.

Reading: Nonfiction Text Features & Questions
We have been busy exploring several great nonfiction books, including Knights in Shining Armor.   We have learned how to identify and use different text features, and we have also worked on creating questions about nonfiction books.  Next up we will be working on clarifying tricky words.

Writing: Opinion Writing
This week we began writing our opinions about a book that we have read.  Each student selected their book, formed an opinion about the book, and began giving some reasons to support their opinions.  I modeled my writing by using the book Mother Goose Bruce. It was a fun book to read aloud to our class!

Cardboard Challenge:
Below you will find some pictures from the Cardboard Challenge.  Our class designed some really creative and fun games!

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