Sunday, December 8, 2019

December 8th

Reading & Writing:
We continued our study of opinion writing by writing about which pet we think would make the best pet.  Each student selected an animal, and then they wrote about three main reasons why it would make the best pet.  They also included examples to go along with their reasons.  We read several great books to go along with this writing project including: Can I Be Your Dog?, I Wanna Iguana, and Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet. While reading those books we worked on identifying the main idea and key details.  

Here are a few of our finished projects, and good news... the students did such a good job on their writing that I decided we should adopt a pet! Our new adopted class pet will not live in our classroom. Instead we will learn about it through emails, videos, and other correspondence. Ask your child about what type of animal we adopted.  :)

Social Studies:
As we further our understanding of economics, we reviewed several vocabulary terms, such as, producer, consumer, income, goods, and services.  This week we also learned about how goods travel from the field to a market, and we practiced purchasing items while staying within a budget. 

We will be taking a test over 2-digit subtraction with regrouping on Wednesday.  Everyone has worked hard on this chapter, and to celebrate and review what we have learned our class enjoyed playing GimKit.  I love the enthusiasm that I see as the students are practicing their math skills.  A study guide for our upcoming test will go home on Monday.

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