Saturday, January 11, 2020

January 11th

Our first writing activity of 2020 was setting a goal using one word.  After determining a word that would be their focus, each student wrote about why they chose that word. Then they wrote about their action steps that will help them to achieve their goal.  This week we also began learning the beginning basic strokes of cursive! 

Social Studies: We are now learning about Native American regions. We are in the research phase now, and next we will compare and contrast the natural resources found in the regions and the daily lives of different tribes.

Comprehension strategies are the current focus of our reading mini lessons. We have reviewed several strategies including questioning before, during, and after reading. Next, we will review some tips for improving fluency.

We are wrapping up our chapter on three digit addition. Everyone is doing really well with knowing how to regroup the larger numbers.  Our next math test will be on Tuesday, and a study guide went home on Friday.

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