Friday, March 13, 2020

March 13th

This week we dove deeper into character traits with proof to support our thinking. We also read several great books including: Zara's Big Messy Day (That Turned Out Okay) and Goin' Someplace Special. Please encourage your son or daughter to read over the break. Thank you!

Writing & Science:
We finished up our science unit titled A Home for a Penguin. Each of the groups created a habitat for their penguin ice cube, and we enjoyed reviewing the results. During writing time we finished up our nonfiction books about different zoo animals. Each student made a nonfiction book, a poster of that animal's zoo habitat, and a Q.R. code with a recording of them reading their story.

We finished up our chapter about graphing. After we return from Spring Break we will begin learning about telling time.
Check out my previous blog post to see some pictures from our recent field trip to the Botanical Gardens.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

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