Friday, September 18, 2020

September 18th

Science: This week we have been learning about how scientists use different tools along with scientific thinking. We inquired, made observations, documented our thinking in our science journals, and we made discoveries. Ask your child about "digging up dinosaur bones" to find out more.

Math: This week we finished learning about strategies for solving addition facts 0-20. Now are reviewing strategies for solving subtraction facts 0-20. 

Reading & Writing: We enjoyed several great read alouds this week including The Dot. After we read the book, everyone decided to write their own special message to spread kindness and encouragement on a card that they created using dots. This week we also learned about the importance of planning out a personal narrative. We stretched out a small moment by writing ideas at the tops of our pages and then we added quick sketches to help remember the details. 

Our reading groups are up and running, and this week we learned about how we are going to use our reading journals. We also read and discussed our reading group books.

Outdoor Recess Fun

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