Friday, September 25, 2020

September 25th

Reading & Writing: Stop, Think, and Retell was one of our focuses for our reading lessons this week. This helps to ensure that everyone is comprehending what they are reading. During writing time our class has been working on the drafting stage of the writing process. We have been zooming in to provide details to make our small moment stories longer and stronger.

Math: Throughout chapter one we have been learning all about strategies to help solve addition and subtraction problems using numbers 1-20. Some of the strategies we have learned about include: using number lines, doubles facts, near doubles facts, related facts (with part part whole), and more.

Science: We have explored many good books, such as, Digging Up Dinosaurs and The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins. These books helped us to learn about the process of piecing together dinosaur skeletons and models. This week we predicted which dinosaurs our bones most likely went with, we measured and compared our dinosaur bones, and we worked with our partners at a safe distance to discuss our findings.


Recess Fun!

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