Friday, October 9, 2020

October 9th

Reading: This week our main focus was learning that good readers don't just read the words, but they also figure out what the words mean. We also talked about how readers check themselves. They stop as soon as something doesn’t seem right and fix it up. Below you can see an example from a lesson we did. The children were shown the word fixing and then asked to draw a picture of what it meant. Many drew pictures of working on broken items. Then they saw the word fixing in this sentence: Mom was fixing lunch. It was fun to see their thinking change. Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. 

Science: This week we looked at how tools have changed over the years with new technology. We took a closer look at the properties of different tools, and then we used our knowledge to complete a note card challenge. The challenge was to try and find a way to change the properties of a note card to make it strong enough to hold a book.


Math: Throughout chapter one we have been learning all about strategies to help solve addition and subtraction problems using numbers 1-20. This week we reviewed our addition and subtraction strategies for our upcoming test that will be early next week. Our next chapter will cover number patterns.

WritingThis week we edited our personal narrative pieces using our personal dictionaries. We also focused on checking for capitals and end marks in our writing.

Outdoor Fun!

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