Tuesday, November 24, 2020

November 24th

Even though we had a short two day week at school, we packed it full of fun learning activities! We read Thanksgiving themed books, wrote thankful friendly letters, and we worked on two large projects. For our first project, we transformed into doctors that worked the Place Value Hospital. We performed surgery on expanded form numbers to turn them into standard form numbers. 

Our second project was a STEM activity. We learned all about the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade while reading a book called Balloons Over Broadway. Next, we created buildings with their windows in arrays, and then we attached our ideas for a balloon float. Each student received a balloon, and their first job was to transform it into a balloon animal. Then they had to create a device that would help suspend their balloon as they walked with it in a parade. Check out some of the creative ideas below!

Friday, November 20, 2020

November 20th

Reading: We explored several great nonfiction books, and we used our skills to learn a lot of new information about tigers, fish, and more. We also have been talking about the importance of selecting good books so that we can continue to have good reading stamina.

Writing: This week we went through the writing process as we wrote our opinions about turkeys. We organized our ideas with a web, we wrote a draft, added adjectives, edited our writing, and published our work to Seesaw. 

Math: We wrapped up our chapter about place value, and next week we will be working on a fun hands-on activity called Place Value Hospital. 

Science: Our class learned about why leaves change color in the Fall. We learned about chlorophyll and we studied our leaves. We used our leaves to make leaf rubbings, and then we tried our best to identify what type of trees our leaves came from.

STEM Bin Challenge: Check out the tunnels we created!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

November 14th

Reading: We are continuing our learning about nonfiction text features and how we can use all of the pieces of the book to help us learn new information.


Writing: This week we wrapped up our first opinion writing piece. We learned about writing an introduction that states our opinion. Then we wrote several reasons to support our opinion with examples. Then finished our opinion writing with a conclusion.

We also wrote a paragraph to share our opinions about pizza.


Math: We are working in chapter 5  and we will wrap this chapter up next week. We should be testing next Friday. We have been learning about place value, expanded form, standard form, and number patterns up to 1,000.

Social Studies: We enjoyed learning about the importance of Veteran's Day. We read online books about veterans, watched the Long School Veteran's Day slide show, had a great class discussion, and made virtual thank you notes for our veterans.

Science: This week we talked about properties of different materials and how they could best be used to make a hat to protect us from the sun on a deserted island. Check out your child’s SeeSaw page to see their hat.

Next week we will be learning about leaves. Please have your child bring in one or two leaves that they could use for a project. Thank you!

Friday, November 6, 2020

November 6th

Reading: We learned all about nonfiction text features, such as, captions, headings, pictures, diagrams, and more. We talked about how we need to pay attention to details, and put all of the pieces of the text together in our mind.

Writing: This week we started our opinion writing unit. We worked on forming an opinion about a topic and writing a good paragraph with reasons to support our opinion.

Math: Chapter 5 is all about place value. So far we have learned about hundreds, tens, and ones. Expanded form is another topic that we covered this week.

Fun with STEM bins!