Friday, November 20, 2020

November 20th

Reading: We explored several great nonfiction books, and we used our skills to learn a lot of new information about tigers, fish, and more. We also have been talking about the importance of selecting good books so that we can continue to have good reading stamina.

Writing: This week we went through the writing process as we wrote our opinions about turkeys. We organized our ideas with a web, we wrote a draft, added adjectives, edited our writing, and published our work to Seesaw. 

Math: We wrapped up our chapter about place value, and next week we will be working on a fun hands-on activity called Place Value Hospital. 

Science: Our class learned about why leaves change color in the Fall. We learned about chlorophyll and we studied our leaves. We used our leaves to make leaf rubbings, and then we tried our best to identify what type of trees our leaves came from.

STEM Bin Challenge: Check out the tunnels we created!

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