Friday, January 15, 2021

January 15th

Reading:  Our focus for this week was applying strategies to help strengthen our reading fluency. We practiced noticing dialogue, using the meaning of the story, and scooping up words. We also worked on sequencing key events in a story.

Writing: We started our information writing unit this week. We wrote an “All About Me” piece. We made sure to include an introduction paragraph, sections to tell about three of our favorite things, and a conclusion paragraph. Next week we will be working on non-fiction science writing. This is usually a fun writing activity.

Math: We started chapter 4 this week, and we began learning about subtraction with regrouping. We learned about fact families, taking apart tens to subtract, and we practiced regrouping tens into ones.

Science: We continued talking about the Earth's surface and the changes that can occur. We participated in two more fun experiments that demonstrated how slow and fast changes can happen to the Earth. Ask your child about the soil erosion and the beach erosion experiments we did.


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