Saturday, January 23, 2021

January 23rd

Writing: This week we wrote like a scientist! We have been working on writing lab reports. The students designed and built catapults and then they tested them out by launching cotton balls and ping pong balls. We wrote a question, hypothesis, recorded our data, and we wrote our conclusions.

Science: We continued talking about the Earth's surface and the changes that can occur. We learned more about wind erosion, and next week we will be building windbreaks using supplies like notecards, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, and yarn. Our goal is to create something that can try to stop the wind erosion of sand on a beach.

Math: We continued chapter 4 this week, and we learned about subtraction with regrouping. We started subtracting one digit numbers from 2 digit numbers and then we moved onto subtracting 2 digit numbers from two digit numbers. We should be taking the  chapter 4 test during the week of February 1st.

Reading:  We continued to focus on tips to improve our reading fluency. We also practiced understanding comparisons and clarifying key vocabulary words. 

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