Friday, January 8, 2021

January 8th

Reading: Our class enjoyed several great read alouds including The Wind Blew and Barthello's Wing. We are learning about how to make our reading more fluent. Next week we will continue to talk about strategies we can use to help us read both smoothly and with expression. 

Math: Next week we will start chapter 4, and it will cover subtraction with regrouping of two digit numbers. Over the past two days, we reviewed some previously learned material like place value.

Writing: We enjoyed a book called Squirrel's New Year Resolution. Then we each came up with our own one word resolutions. Everyone thought of three action steps to help work toward achieving their one word goal, and now these adorable projects are displayed in the hallway.

Science: We continued talking about the Earth's surface and the changes that can occur. We participated in two fun experiments that showed slow and fast changes that can happen to the Earth. Ask your child about our sedimentators (tubes with water and "land") and the cave experiment we did (with sugar cubes). 

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