Sunday, February 14, 2021

February 14th

Valentine's Day Fun: Check out some of the fun Valentine's Day themed activities we did in class!
Candy Heart STEM Activity

If You Give a Mouse a Valentine Read Aloud & Writing Activity

Coding with Hearts

Valentine Bag Decorating

 Reading:  We have been looking out for special language while we read. We have learned about similes and metaphors. We have also been learning about strategies like summarizing for holding onto stories when books get longer. 

Writing: This week we began working on a nonfiction book that included a little research. We have planned out our stories, researched a few fun facts using Epic and Pebble Go, and we have written our introduction to try and hook the reader. 

Math: We started practicing three-digit addition. Students have learned how to add hundreds and tens mentally. 

Social Studies: Currently we are learning about communities. We have had some great discussions around what makes up a community along with what can be found specifically in our community. 

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