Friday, February 19, 2021

February 19th

Happy 100th Day of Second Grade! We had a lot of fun celebrating our 100th day of learning in second grade! We made crowns with 100 drawings on them. Each hat had 10 sets of 10 drawings, and they turned out so cool!

Writing: This week we added a strong conclusion and an all about the author page to our nonfiction writing. Then we went through the editing and revising process.

Social Studies: We learned more about communities this week. We compared different types of communities: urban, suburban and rural. 

 We have continued to look out for special language while we read. We have also been working on summarizing to help us hold onto stories when books get longer. 

Math: We continued practicing three-digit addition. The students have learned how to regroup ones and now how to regroup tens when adding.

Warm Fuzzy Jar Celebration: Check out some of these pictures from our celebration!

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