Sunday, February 28, 2021

February 28th

Writing: This week we continued to work on our nonfiction pieces. We researched, and wrote an informational piece that included at least one fact that we learned while researching our topics. We also completed a quick write entitled Worth More Than Gold. The students thought about character traits that describe themselves, and then they wrote about why they are worth more than gold. Those writings are currently displayed in our hallway, and they turned out so cute!

Math: We tested chapter 6 on Friday, and this week we will begin learning about data and graphing in chapter 9.

Social Studies: We studied different types of maps. We have learned about physical and political maps, cardinal directions on a compass rose, and we talked about continents and oceans. We also reviewed different landforms and bodies of water.

Reading:  We have continued to talk about the importance of holding onto stories while reading longer books. Most recently we practiced Stop, Think, and Answer Questions. Please continue to encourage your child read at home. Thank you!

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