Thursday, March 18, 2021

March 18th

Reading: This week we began a chapter book read aloud. Our goal was to practice our skills and strategies for reading with fluency while exploring longer more text heavy books.  

Writing: We are continuing to learn new cursive letters each week! To wrap up our nonfiction writing unit, we took some time to research and write down facts about penguins. These facts will help us out with an upcoming science project that will focus around penguin habitats.

Math: We have been reviewing two-digit subtraction in preparation for the math chapter we will begin after Spring Break. Our next math chapter will be all about how to subtract 3-digit numbers.

Science: This week we compared and contrasted scientists and engineers. We learned all about the scientific process and the engineering design cycle.

STEM Challenge: On St. Patrick's Day we tried out a STEM challenge. Each small group of students were given some coins (a pot of gold), and they were trying to construct a bridge so the leprechaun could escape over a river. Everyone had a lot of fun with this activity! 

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