Friday, April 16, 2021

April 16th

Reading: This week we were learning about how authors really make their stories stand out with the words they use. Also, we talked about how authors think about how a book will go or even an entire series when writing their stories.    

Writing: We continued talking about poetry and using our poets eyes when coming up with ideas. We also talked about finding the just right words to make our poems really strong while using only few words.  

Math: This week we reviewed how to subtract and regroup across zeros, how to regroup in the hundreds place, and how to regroup in the tens place. We wrapped up the week with our math test, and I was blow away by how great everyone did!

Science: This week we tested and observed how well different types of materials insulate objects from heat. We will use these different materials to design and build out penguin habitat to try to keep our penguins cool.

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