Thursday, September 9, 2021

September 10th


This week we continued to work on improving our independent and class reading stamina while I conducted reading interviews. During this time, I enjoyed meeting with each student one on one to learn more about their likes and dislikes as a reader. As a class, we enjoyed several read alouds including: Spaghetti on a Hotdog Bun and We Are Family. We have also been reading our One School, One Book story: The One and Only Ivan.


We are working on writing personal narratives, and this week we learned about good topic choice. We learned about the difference between “watermelon” ideas or ideas that are too big and “seed” ideas which are much better. We planned out our first personal narrative, and I’m excited to see those stories develop.


We are continuing our study of different strategies that can be used to solve addition problems. A few of the strategies that we have been working on are: make a ten, counting on, doubles, and doubles plus one.


This week we sketched the dinosaur bones that we uncovered last week in our science notebooks. Then we measured them and compared them to the bones our classmates found. After that, we assembled our dinosaur skeletons. We also learned about the process that takes place once dinosaur bones are discovered. We enjoyed hearing about all of the steps that take place to get the dinosaur bones from the ground into museums.

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  1. Enjoying reading about the activities and what the students are learning. Sheila Ranieri (Aunt of Emmit Waite)