Thursday, December 17, 2020

December 18th

 Reading: This week we revisited how predictions help us as readers.  We focused on how they can change as we get further into a text.  

Math: This week we wrapped up chapter 3 and took our test.The students showed their knowledge of addition with two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  

Writing: We had fun writing our opinions about whether we would rather spend a snowy day outside in a snow fort or indoors. The students went through the entire writing process independently, and their final pieces turned out great!

Science: This week we learned about Earth's materials that make up our landforms.  We observed sandstone, granite, calcite, talc, lava, sand and soil, then discussed their properties and what types of landforms each is found in. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

December 13th

Science: We continued our erosion science unit, and we learned about landforms. We created landforms out of salt dough, and next we will add color to make our models look more realistic. Throughout the next portion of this unit, we will talk about what landforms are made of, and we will observe and describe properties of the Earth's materials that make up landforms.

Reading: This week we participated in a virtual author visit with Laura Numeroff. She is the author of many great books including If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We got to see some of her favorite books that she has written, and she shared how she gets ideas for many of her stories.

Writing: Our most recent opinion writing was all about which animal we think makes the best pet. Everyone generated an opinion along with three reasons and supporting details. This writing piece is currently displayed in our hallway, and they all turned out great!

Math: This week we wrapped up chapter 3. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be reviewing the key concepts of adding two-digit numbers, and our test will be next Wednesday.