Friday, September 30, 2022

September 30th


This week we worked on sharing questions that we have while reading. We know that good readers generate questions before, during, and after reading books. We practiced this during our reading groups and with several great read alouds including: The Brand New Kid and I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared! 


We have been busy learning all about how to improve our personal narratives. We have gone through the editing and revising process with our first narrative. We used our editing skills to check for correct spelling and mechanics. We also learned about adjectives and adverbs. 


Graphing was our main focus this week. We learned all about reading and interpreting bar graphs and picture graphs. 


This week we have been learning about how scientists use different tools along with scientific thinking. We inquired, made observations, documented our thinking in our science journals, and we made discoveries. Ask your child about "digging up dinosaur bones" to find out more.

Fun with STEM Bins:


Friday, September 23, 2022

September 23rd

Reading: Our class has been retelling stories using story elements.  Specifically, students have been working on how to retell a part of a story or a whole story.  We have been using this sentence stem to guide us to include the important parts needed in a retell:

The character(s)_______, wanted _______ but,________ so, ________, then _________.

Writing: We have been working on taking our narratives through the writing process. This week we finished up our drafting, and we learned how to write a powerful conclusion. While working on our narratives the students continued to practice using correct capitalization and punctuation for each sentence.

Math: During math, we practiced solving one step word problems while demonstrating our understanding of different strategies we can use to find answers to those problems.

Social Studies: This week we wrapped up our unit about leaders and citizens. We identified traits of good leaders and we learned about how community members work together to help maintain their community.


More Fun: Pajama Day Class Celebration & Dot Day

Sunday, September 18, 2022

September 19th


We have been working on planning out our personal narratives. We learned how to choose a good topic based on a small moment. We used a graphic organizer along with sketches to help plan out our first personal narrative, and I’m excited to see the students' stories develop.


This week our class discussed story elements. We focused on identifying the main characters, setting, problem, and solution. We not only discussed the story elements of various stories this week, but we also used graphic organizers to demonstrate our understanding, as well.


This week we wrapped up lesson 2. In lesson 3 we are learning more about solving 1 step word problems. The strategies that we have learned so far will come in handy while trying to solve the word problems in our current lesson.

Social Studies:

We have been learning about how laws and rules are made and changed within a community. In honor of Constitution Day which is celebrated on September 17th, we learned about the importance of the Constitution. Then we researched facts on using our ipads and created a mini book about the Constitution.