Thursday, March 18, 2021

March 18th

Reading: This week we began a chapter book read aloud. Our goal was to practice our skills and strategies for reading with fluency while exploring longer more text heavy books.  

Writing: We are continuing to learn new cursive letters each week! To wrap up our nonfiction writing unit, we took some time to research and write down facts about penguins. These facts will help us out with an upcoming science project that will focus around penguin habitats.

Math: We have been reviewing two-digit subtraction in preparation for the math chapter we will begin after Spring Break. Our next math chapter will be all about how to subtract 3-digit numbers.

Science: This week we compared and contrasted scientists and engineers. We learned all about the scientific process and the engineering design cycle.

STEM Challenge: On St. Patrick's Day we tried out a STEM challenge. Each small group of students were given some coins (a pot of gold), and they were trying to construct a bridge so the leprechaun could escape over a river. Everyone had a lot of fun with this activity! 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

March 13th

Writing: This week we were busy little writers! Everyone researched and wrote their last nonfiction story about a topic of their choice. Then at the end of the week the students had the opportunity to teach our class about a nonfiction topic while reading one of their published nonfiction books. Everyone did a great job, and it was so nice to see them presenting with such confidence!

Reading: Our class enjoyed several great books this week!  We focused on reading with expression, summarizing stories, and monitoring our comprehension with longer books.

This week we began our properties of matter unit. We will be learning about animal habitats and how scientists and engineers study animals needs to help design and penguin habitat for a zoo.

Math: We finished up our graphing chapter this week and tested on Friday. Next week we will be doing math review activities of different topics that we have covered this year.

Friday, March 5, 2021

March 5th

Social Studies: To wrap up our unit on maps, the students were asked to complete a project based learning activity. They were given the task to design a place for community members to go and have fun. They needed to create a model made entirely from recycled materials along with a detailed map. Keep an eye out for your child’s project to appear on their Seesaw account soon!


Reading: Our class enjoyed several great books during Read Across America Week! We focused on identifying character traits and finding proof in the books to support our thinking. 

Writing: This week we began publishing one of our nonfiction stories. The students decided on a story that they would like to revise and edit, and then they worked on getting that story ready for readers to enjoy. I’m thrilled with everyone’s effort, and I can’t wait to see their finished pieces!

Math: Graphing has been the focus in math this week. We have learned about tally charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs.